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Philosophic pursuit on this site is live and renewing, or as we would say in computer browser language, "refreshing,” updating on our way to full understanding. This philosophical book goes from the basis of what is (now) known as fact, from our current understanding of things, and amalgamate it with our fresh, ongoing deep thought and inquiry for the attainment of new realization, new cognizance, and enlightenment.

Even the Catholic Church has come to the realization that traditional dogma is no longer the way to maintain course. Galileo and the Inquisition notwithstanding, the Pope tapped into ‘fresh knowledge’ once again to conclude that "fresh knowledge leads to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than just a hypothesis." This philosophical book renews hope for bringing the religious and reasoned approaches of inquiry into fact and truth closer together.

Holding to the premise that Religion and Philosophy will ultimately interact in bringing forth consequential answers to the mystery of our being, our philosophical book combines the search for wisdom, Philosophy, with the religious Logos to coin our name, and our internet identity: -- The subtitle ‘Tabula Rasa’ addresses our need to back off the myriad time-dishonored belief systems, faiths, voices and opinions that have hindered our access to the shrouded deep truth so long and brought us to the brink of violent self-destruction. We simply must reduce the bewildering multitude of beliefs and faiths to a basic, overriding, ubiquitous level of truth that everyone can sign on to in good faith.

It is our aim to base our philosophical book upon rationally recognized, known fact and truth and upon a clean slate – a Tabula Rasa without prior notions, superstitions, presuppositions, or hypocrisy.

We encourage interactive comment, which we will attempt to respond to individually by e-mail, or if at large responses are warranted, by change or addition of content in our Web pages. We hope to see you on the realization superhighway to ultimate enlightenment! Contact us today for more information about our philosophical book, Philogos.

  Philosophical Book. Philogos Tabula Rasa On the Manifest Need for Fundamental Philosophical Redirection and Realization

A Philosophical Book of Enlightenment

Whenever man has embarked on new levels of realization and awareness, the prevailing establishments have reared their pretentious heads in opposition.

This will be no exception.

-- The Author