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About Our Free Philosophy Book

Tabula Rasa -- pure, clean slate! That is the principle by which we want to set out and conduct our inquiry into the deeper questions of existence. No preconceptions, no prior notions, superstitions, archaic traditions, no deception, ignorance, hypocrisy, no spoils -- just the facts, the real, reasonable and rational facts as we have come to know, comprehend and understand them, with our best faculties applied. This is what we have tried to relay in our philosophical book.

We have come a long way since realizing that the earth is not the center of the universe. But we have got to finally now go on to separate all fiction from fact, true reality from all that stuff of myth, of old convention and the (unreasoned) imagination. Then, come to grips with the like realization of the way all things really are, fundamentally, and go forth in fuller enlightenment. And that’s what our philosophy book will provide.

We have had the flat earth and "it-all-came-about-in-seven-days" theorists, the Santa Claus and varied other stories, as well as the "believe-it-or-go-to-hell" groups. Not to speak of the ancient God figures of Egypt, the fledgling thinkers of Greece, and the Nirvanas. But we are now hundreds - well, thousands of years after all that. We ought to be able to recognize, define and understand the true nature of things a lot more clearly by now.
So let's see where update, rational, reasoned realization and awareness buck up against all that mushy, murky world of myth and make-believe. Find out all you need to know about your existence and the world around us by purchasing our philosophy book, Philogos.

In the end, our great surprise will be in the simplicity of it all.

Why do some of us ask these questions?

Why do some of us go to church?

Why are some of us hardened, uncaring criminals?

And why, oh why, do most of us just live a humdrum, 'content’ yet unfulfilled, fearful, uncertain life -- not asking, not knowing, not understanding -- seemingly not caring about much other than their own, immediate little selves and self-interests?

There are answers to these questions, and in our philosophy book we shall try to wire the reader for some comprehension and understanding of them.

Learn more by reading our philosophy book Philogos Tabula Rasa.

Table of Contents and Excerpt

  Philogos Tabula Rasa On the Manifest Need for Fundamental Philosophical Redirection and Realization

Free Philosophy Book

Why wilt Thou distance Thyself
from Us All and from our Opinion?

"I write not to please you,
but that you should learn something."